$40M Exit – Frank Shamrock, Strike Force

$40M Exit – Frank Shamrock, Strike Force

March 5, 2019

In this episode, we uncover the story behind Frank Shamrock‘s $40 million exit in Strikeforce. Discover how this martial arts icon turned his passion into a multi-million-dollar venture, and the invaluable insights he gained throughout his incredible career.

About Frank Shamrock:

Frank Shamrock convinced America that it was a good idea to turn illegal cage fighting into a televised sport.

Frank is many things: visionary entrepreneur, ex-con, star athlete, survivor of childhood abuse, international speaker, husband, dad and general defier of the odds.  He holds multiple world records that stand to this day. He still remains the only athlete in history crowned champion of every major MMA sports league.

Frank Shamrock, born to a single mother, endured abuse and isolation during childhood until the state took him at 12. At 17, he found himself in prison, and by 22, he had become one of the youngest champions in sports history.

Over the next two decades, sportscasters and storytellers delighted in the antics of this charismatic, seemingly unbeatable champion of an illegal sport that was changing the face of television. Frank Shamrock “The Legend” was born. Frank become the sport’s first middleweight champion, free agent, on-air broadcaster until finally, he owned his own league.

In 2010, Frank hung up his gloves to focus on raising his daughter as a full-time stay at home dad. He sold his MMA league two years later, freeing up time to produce TV, films and books. Author of MMA for Dummies, Frank literally wrote “the book” on the sport.

In 2015, Frank responded to an ever-growing demand to share his unusual methods of achieving personal and professional success. His stories on overcoming adversity, being the master, and beating the odds move audiences to both laughter and tears.

Despite being a trained killer, as a speaker, Frank is best known for his humour and gentleness. He brings his trademark unwavering focus to creating trusting conversations and long-lasting results while providing proven tools to achieve the seemingly impossible. Shamrock’s coaching and training techniques are employed by top performers, celebrities and major corporations around the world.

Today, Shamrock lives in Los Angeles with Amy, his wife of many years and two kids, Frankie and Nicolette. Together they oversee Shamrock Way, a family nonprofit that tackles social issues and supports at risk communities with educational scholarships.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Frank discuss:

  • How Strike Force got started and grew before being sold to the UFC for $40M.
  • How UFC fights compare to boxing and WWE.
  • Frank’s early fights and finding his what.
  • How bareknuckle boxing is related to business.


Key Takeaways:

  • Help others, help you.
  • Be honest about your motives from the start.
  • Educate yourself and don’t allow yourself to be controlled by others.
  • Anything and everything can be trained.
  • Get your start right, get your story right, get your chi right.


Best Advice I Ever Received: Help others, help you.

Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: Find your plus.


“Start with the facts, with what you want to achieve. I knew what I wanted to achieve – I wanted to become a world champion, I wanted to lead people, I wanted to help people. That was it. The process to getting there became fighting, teaching, broadcasting, league ownership, entrepreneurship.” — Frank Shamrock


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