Continuously Adapting To Enable Transformation with Maha Achour, Metawave Corporation

Continuously Adapting To Enable Transformation with Maha Achour, Metawave Corporation

March 30, 2022

To thrive as an entrepreneur in the competitive, ever-changing world we live in, adapting is key! Maha Achour, founder and CEO of Metawave, shares how her clear vision, approach to failure, and systems that she put in place early on have been invaluable on her journey as an entrepreneur who is transforming the mobility sector through disruptive technology.  

About Maha Achour:

Before her current role as CEO of Metawave, Maha Achour completed a Ph.D. in physics and spent many years gaining valuable experience at various technology companies. Her work has earned her a place on the Forbes 50 over 50 Vision List. Maha believes that true disruption comes from transforming core technological infrastructure. And she is currently putting this belief into practice in the mobility sector.

Why adapting is crucial in businesses?

Continuously adapting to enable transformation is crucial in business for several reasons. First, it gives businesses a competitive edge by enabling them to stay one step ahead of its rivals. They can spot new opportunities, and adapt quickly to market changes. It also encourages firms to explore new concepts, technologies, and production methods that could result in better goods, services, and operational effectiveness, which promotes innovation and propels growth. The satisfaction, loyalty, and retention of customers are also improved by responding to their needs.

By proactively identifying and resolving possible disruptions, it also reduces risks. In addition, continuously adapting increases organizational agility and resilience. It empowers businesses to overcome obstacles, modify their plans of action, and maintain relevance in a shifting market. Top talent is also drawn to and held in place by adaptation because it supports learning, growth, and innovation in the workplace.

Finally, it positions companies to anticipate and welcome changes in the future, assuring their long-term success in a business environment that is rapidly changing.

Episode highlights:

  • Our world is continuously evolving, so entrepreneurs need to be dynamic and adaptable to enable truly disruptive transformations. (04:35)
  • Analog computing has not been used to its full potential in many sectors, and Maha explains why, at Metawave, they are integrating this mode of operation into their technologies. (07:50)
  • Maha attributes much of her success to seeing failure in a positive light; failure is how we learn, so rather than becoming demoralized, we should respond proactively so that we can do better the next time. (13:01)
  • Two types of failure exist in the entrepreneurial realm: one caused entirely by the entrepreneur and the other which comes about because of external factors, and Maha’s advice for dealing with each one. (17:39)
  • One of the most valuable things you can do as a founder is to put processes in place to help you smoothly transition through potential issues that may arise. (22:23)
  • Having a clear vision, understanding your competition and how to protect your technology, and building a good core team: are the factors that Maha sees as foundational to success as an entrepreneur. (25:43)
  • Maha shares some details about the three core values that Metawave is built upon humbleness, honesty, and teamwork. (31:25)
Maha’s best advice for entrepreneurs:
“As an entrepreneur, you have to keep a dynamic view of your environment and not be focused on one passion in a solid path that you cannot deviate from. You have to adapt to the opportunities.” (06:02) 

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