Customer-Centric Brand Building with Kelley Higney, Bug Bite Thing

April 27, 2022

If you want to grow and improve your business, put your customers first! Kelley Higney, founder, and CEO of Bug Bite Thing, has achieved incredible success through continuously improving her brand by listening and responding to the needs and wants of her customers. If you’re interested in what it takes to build a customer-centric brand, this episode is for you! 

About Kelley Higney:

Kelley Higney is a third-generation women entrepreneur who is on a mission to provide as many people as possible with her chemical-free solution to insect bites. Kelley put everything into her business, and it paid off: Bug Bite Thing is Amazon’s best-selling product for insect bite relief, and Kelley is only aiming up!

Episode highlights:

  • Bug Bite Thing is a customer-oriented business; listening and responding to customer feedback is what Kelley sees as the key to the success that they have achieved. (04:10)
  • Publicity can come from unexpected sources. For Bug Bite Thing, it came from Shark Tank; the show took them to the next level by raising awareness about the business. (10:15)
  • Every business is unique and faces different challenges. As a leader, it is so important to be able to think outside the box and pivot when necessary. (12:28)
  • In order to build a sustainable business, make sure that every element of it is scalable and relevant to your goals, otherwise, you may lose your ability to grow. (14:37)
  • Being data-driven does not mean you have to be data-heavy. Collecting data should be a selective process, otherwise, you end up using resources unnecessarily. (18:31)
Kelley’s best advice for entrepreneurs:
“Being customer-focused has been the driving force of everything for us.” (04:42)  Kelley has always put her customers needs and wants at the core of every decision she has made with Bug Bite Thing

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