Embrace Adversity to Grow as a Leader with Annie Hyman-Pratt, Leading Edge Teams

June 29, 2022

Anxiety, fear, stress (and other negative emotions) are an unavoidable part of the entrepreneurial journey. It’s how we handle them that matters. Our returning guest, Annie Hyman-Pratt, is an entrepreneur and author with a passion for psychology. During this episode, she explains why we need to embrace adversity to grow as a leader, why we should never make decisions when we are in an emotionally triggered state, and the power that lies in choosing compassion. 

About Annie Hyman-Pratt:

After 10x’ing her family business in seven years, Annie is now the CEO of Leading Edge Teams, a business consulting firm that guides companies through every challenge imaginable. Annie believes that the success and sustainability of a business can largely be attributed to the people involved and she has recently released a book on this subject titled The People Part.

Episode highlights:

  • Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. Be sure to surround yourself with people who can support you during the tough times, and share the joys with you during the good times. (05:39)
  • Learning how to control your emotions is a powerful skill for an entrepreneur because challenging, stressful situations are an inevitable part of the journey. Acknowledging your feelings and speaking about them are two of the most effective ways to manage them. (20:40)
  • Welcome challenging situations into your life. Growth occurs through adversity. (25:45)
  • Entrepreneurs know how to get results, but being too fixated on getting quick results will more often than not leave you feeling disappointed. Rather than focusing on the end result, enjoy the journey. (27:00)
  • Fight, flight, freeze, please; these automatic responses don’t work in business. Business problems can only be solved when we are thinking clearly and not being driven by our emotions. Don’t make decisions when you are feeling triggered. Take a step back, get some perspective, and then act. (30:33)
  • To release anxiety, embrace compassion. (40:00)

Annie’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“Our ability to grow is based on what challenges we can endure so that we can learn. If we can’t endure it, we don’t have any chance to learn from it.” (25:45) Our comfort zones are dangerous places because they hinder our ability to progress. Learn to appreciate the challenges that you encounter along your entrepreneurial journey.

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