Gaining Clarity As An Entrepreneur with Matthew Korban, Business and Health Coach

April 22, 2021

Gaining clarity as an entrepreneur might be one of the most underrated skills. Matthew Korban shares the principles that can help your business thrive in harmony and how to turn fear and doubts into something that fuels your passion.

About Matthew Korban

Matthew Korban is an experienced entrepreneur who coaches entrepreneurs and advocates for developing things properly in harmony with yourself. He brings together motivation and attention to the physical needs of the entrepreneur. Matthew follows a genuine desire to make our lives better and find value in what he does.

Episode highlights:

  • Matthew Korban explains why clarity is the first step to everything. Most importantly, clarity leads to identifying your objective, your vision, where you are going, and your destination. Eventually, you start seeing your inner “why” that nudges you to change your behavior.  [04:25]
  • The next step you should take is to write your vision and devise your destiny map. It implies what job you want to do, what person you want to be, and includes every particular goal you really want to achieve [07:18]
  • Your life is like serving a pie, which has various parts. They can’t be split from each other because all of them make up your personality and depend on each other. You can’t be focused only on one thing and ignore the rest. Therefore, as a coach, you can’t take only one part of your client’s life and defy the others. [23:30]
  • Fear can be a blocking factor or a stimulus. It is not bad to be afraid of something you are doing. But it is up to us to take control of our bad feelings and make them fuel our actions. [36]
  • You have to learn how to be fine with what you are doing. When people attack you it means that you are going further. You will need to realize that you do not have to be appreciated and loved by everyone.[44:59]

Matthew Korban’s advice for entrepreneurs:

If you want to discover the real motivation that drives you forward you will need to understand that the “the issue is changing some sorts of habits in your behavior. Sometimes you just hide the things, don’t face them, don’t deal with them. And they start piling up until the cup is full.” Do not postpone things you are not comfortable with. Otherwise, they will control you and disrupt the balance.

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