Outsourcing as a Growth Strategy for SMEs with Max Fisch, Real Estate Project Solutions

Outsourcing as a Growth Strategy for SMEs with Max Fisch, Real Estate Project Solutions

April 20, 2022

Recruiting and retaining talent are essential for growth strategy, but they are common pain points for many companies. Today’s guest, Max Fisch, has built a successful business around the art of outsourcing, and in this episode, he shares what his journey as the founder and CEO of Real Estate Project Solutions has looked like to date.

About Max Fisch:

Throughout Max Fisch’s real estate career he has worked in mortgage origination, financing, wholesale acquisitions, rehabbing, and investments. Max’s own experience of working with virtual assistants inspired him to found a virtual assistant outsourcing company for the real estate industry. His latest venture, Liberty Business Solutions, will provide the same service to companies in other industries. Max is driven by his desire to have a positive impact on others.

How can businesses take advantage of outsourcing to grow their business?

Businesses have excellent opportunity to achieve growth and accomplish their strategic objectives through outsourcing.

One advantage is cost effectiveness, as outsourcing non-core activities reduces the costs associated with training, recruitment, and infrastructure maintenance. Also, by accessing specialized expertise, businesses can benefit from the knowledge and skills of external professionals, enhancing the quality and efficiency of their operations.

Furthermore, the scalability and flexibility that outsourcing provides also enables businesses to quickly adapt to shifting demands without internal restructuring. They can now focus their resources on core competencies and growth-oriented activities by assigning non-core tasks.

Through the use of established procedures and industry-recognized best practices by outside service providers, outsourcing also increases productivity and efficiency. By collaborating with international partners who have market-specific knowledge and insights, it can help facilitate market expansion.

Businesses can confidently concentrate on their core operations thanks to outsourcing’s ability to reduce the risks involved with some services. However, to achieve compatibility with corporate objectives, careful assessment of outsourcing partners and efficient oversight are essential. Strategic outsourcing decisions based on in-depth research and long-term goals can help businesses grow and move forward.

Episode highlights:

  • Building and sustaining a business is an incremental, deliberate process, and as long as you are continuously moving forward (no matter how slowly), you are on the right track. (13:50)
  • Max believes that the people who work alongside him in his businesses have been the key to his success. (16:52)
  • In order to sustain a successful business, don’t rush the hiring process, and don’t be afraid to fire people if they aren’t a good fit. (22:25)
  • Technology has changed the way we work, and companies should all be taking advantage of the fact that so many people are now working remotely. (29:58)
  • Success is more than just financial status. It is also about how you feel when you’re working, and how much of an impact you are having on other people. (34:42)

Max’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“Always be improving. I don’t care how much or how little, but always be better than the day before.” (15:29) Building a business is hard work and it may take a lot more time and effort than you were expecting, so celebrate the small wins and always look ahead.

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