Seamless Process Automation for Smarter Business Growth with Neeti Mehta Shukla, Automation Anywhere

Seamless Process Automation for Smarter Business Growth with Neeti Mehta Shukla, Automation Anywhere

October 6, 2021

Neeti Mehta Shukla, Co-Founder of Automation Anywhere joins A.J. to discuss the power of process automation in enabling smarter business growth. They explore the past, present, and future of business automation, how to combine accessible automation and artificial intelligence for more efficiency and productivity, and the different processes for evaluating business growth. They also talk about the entrepreneurial spirit and why it revolves around problem-solving. And what it takes to navigate the transition points of an eight-figure business? Tune in to learn how to make your life easier by leveraging the power of automation.

About Neeti Mehta:

Neeti Mehta is the Co-founder and SVP of Brand and Culture at Automation Anywhere. They provide robotic process automation enhanced with both cognitive and analytics technology in leading Financial Services, BPO, Healthcare, Technology, and Insurance companies (to name a few)—across more than 90 countries. In addition, Neeti has been on the Advisory and Founding Boards of many companies, advocating strongly for female Founder-CEOs.

What is seamless process automation?

Seamless Process Automation is a type of automation that uses software to automate repetitive tasks and processes. It can be used to automate a wide range of tasks, including data entry, scheduling, and reporting. SPA can help businesses to improve efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

On today’s episode:

  • Episode Overview – How to make your work more meaningful – 03:03
  • How does problem-solving form the core of entrepreneurship? How have Neeti’s problem-solving skills progressed over time? – 04:38
  • Why is automation cumbersome? Has AI influenced the level of intelligence from automation? – 07:02
  • How Automation Anywhere’s a breakthrough product, IQ Bot utilized artificial intelligence to automate human-centric processes, including invoice-generation – 08:53
  • The two things to look forward to the most through technology and automation – 10:33
  • How do you navigate the transition points of growing a business? –  14:55
  • How can you develop a good understanding of your business and customers? – 17:08
  • The processes to evaluating business growth – 18:46
  • The reason why Neeti is greatly involved in women empowerment programs and where her drive for the same comes from – 19:58
  • Are there similarities between the US and India in the involvement of female entrepreneurs? – 21:21
  • What success means to Neeti – 24:06
  • How can you build a legacy for your children on what is possible? – 25:55

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving, pushing the limits to enhance the problem in different ways, and continuing to grow every step of the way.
  • Entrepreneurship is exciting because you don’t have predefined answers to the problems that arise.
  • Technology enablement is necessary to deliver the next level of products and services to the world at large.
  • Using AI and process automation, businesses can develop systems to ease their immediate process requirements or deal with the challenges they are facing at any point in time.
  • The secrets to building a beyond-eight figure business are – hard work, falling in love with the problem (and not the solution), and intertwining business needs and challenges with technology development.
  • The closer you are to the customer in terms of understanding their psyche, their requirements, and problems, the more informed your processes will be in helping them.
  • Organizations, especially the technology industry needs to continue to work to bring more women to the spotlight.
How has artificial intelligence pushed the limits for business process automation?
[09:08] – “The combination of accessible automation and artificial intelligence [has] really changed the landscape for businesses and what they could accomplish in process automation.”
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