Team Building For Business Growth with Anthony Hayes, The Hayes Initiative

February 9, 2022

Team building is often overlooked by new entrepreneurs but it is an important aspect when it comes to business growth. In this episode of Beyond 8 Figures, Anthony Hayes from The Hayes Initiative talks with us about hiring, adaptability in business, entrepreneur routines, setting boundaries, and so much more. 

Anthony puts a lot of effort and attention into his business and he is sharing why team building for business growth matters to him, and how we can focus more on building the right team and treating them well for lasting business success.

About our guest: 

Anthony has an incredibly impressive background. He is a huge advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and strives to bring inclusivity into everything he does. He has some truly remarkable experience in his belt including working on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and helping to launch programs that help immigrants affected by the pandemic. His firm, The Hayes Initiative, does stakeholder management, government management, and relations. 

On Today’s Episode: 

  • Where Anthony sees himself in his entrepreneurial journey. -3:23
  • How Anthony’s job has changed year over year as an entrepreneur. -6:22
  • Why it’s so beneficial to have a smaller “boutique” group of employees and how it allows you more flexibility. -8:58
  • What has had the biggest impact on Anthony’s entrepreneurial journey. -10:21
  • Why Anthony has struggled to get out of the nitty-gritty of his business.  -14:45
  • Finding balance in business. -21:20
  • Why Anthony feels that routine is so important for business owners. -21:37
  • How Anthony defines success in his entrepreneurial journey. -30:21
  • The way Anthony structures his business so his team benefits when they do well financially too. -32:49
Key Takeaways: 
  • When hiring, it is important that we slow down, be very intentional, and think about the long-term so that we can find the right people for each role.
  • When you grow your business, it is essential that you learn to adjust and change your job to fit what your business needs. Being flexible and rolling with the transitions in business will help you push past it.
  • As entrepreneurs, establishing a routine can be the key to sustainable success. It is important that we take time to set up a routine so that we can focus on what’s important for us.
  • Setting boundaries in our business can be a very beneficial thing as entrepreneurs because it sets clear rules and expectations for those we work with.
  • The bottom line is not always the most important thing in business. As entrepreneurs, we can instead focus on whether or not our team is making a good living.

When we start a business, it is vital that we adapt and transition as our business grows.   
[14:45] “As a leader, your job has to change when you start something new.”

How has your role changed in your business as it has grown? 
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