Nick Desai_Using Generative AI to Drive Customer Value

Using Generative AI to Drive Customer Value with Nick Desai, Together by Renee

October 11, 2023

Generative AI is redefining the business landscape. This cutting-edge technology is not only driving customer value to new heights, but it’s also transforming the way companies operate across industries. Nick Desai and his AI-driven healthcare app, Together by Renee, are a true testament to the power and potential of generative AI. Today, he joins A.J. again to talk about harnessing AI tools to make a significant difference in both customer experience and business operations. 

About Nick Desai:

Nick Desai is a visionary entrepreneur, inspiring inventor, and leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence and healthcare technology. He is the Founder and CEO of Together by Renee, an innovative AI-driven healthcare app that is revolutionizing healthcare solutions. Prior to Together, he also co-founded Heal, a healthcare startup providing on-demand medical house calls.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the tech sector, Nick is now committed to leveraging generative AI to offer user-friendly tools and personalized recommendations to health patients all around the country. Given his significant strides in the industry, Nick is an invaluable source of wisdom for both established professionals and aspiring innovators.

How generative AI is shaping customer experiences

Companies are continually seeking fresh ways to innovate, drive value for their customers, and cater to their specific needs. That’s where generative AI comes into play. This revolutionary technology is changing the game for businesses that want to create seamless customer journeys and, put simply, make their lives easier.

Generative AI has the potential to transform customer experiences by delivering personalized and data-driven solutions but also creating effortless and intuitive interactions. It achieves this by analyzing vast amounts of data and generating intelligent insights, which leads to more customized experiences and targeted solutions. This is how AI tools are reshaping the business world; they’re learning from user behaviors, adapting to their needs, and ultimately providing immense value. The future is certainly bright for all those who leverage AI for customer-centric innovation and delivering value at all touchpoints.

Episode highlights

  • Generative AI has managed to overcome two of its most significant limitations – the inability to grasp context and the lack of syntax understanding. Fortunately, the newest AI models have successfully bridged this gap. They are now indispensable tools for forward-thinking business owners who want to stay ahead of their competitors. With these AI tools, businesses can now improve customer experience, streamline operations, and ultimately drive more value for their customers. (03:04)
  • When adopting new AI tools in your business, keep in mind that technology should be effortless and intuitive for the users. Rather than overburdening them with complex features and processes, these solutions should adapt to the users’ needs and behaviors. The ultimate goal of generative AI is to create user-friendly experiences that continually evolve and improve with customer engagement. (10:39) 
  • There are a lot of strong technology solutions available, but the true metric of good technology is its usability and the value it delivers to the users. It’s important to have this in mind when implementing generative AI into your business. Focus on user-friendliness and value delivery to ensure these AI solutions contribute to customer experience and overall business success. (13:15)
  • The seamless integration of generative AI into businesses is a crucial factor for successful customer experiences. The goal is to provide significant value to the customers but also allow them to interact with AI tools without feeling disrupted in their everyday lives. This harmonious integration is essential because it fosters customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, directly impacting business growth and long-term success. (20:49)
  • Out of all technological revolutions, such as the PC era, the rise of the internet, and smartphones, AI is certainly the most transformative one for business. It progresses more rapidly than any of the previous revolutions. That’s why it’s critical for entrepreneurs to leverage AI to empower business growth, efficiency, and innovation in unprecedented ways. (29:17)

Nick’s best advice for entrepreneurs

“I would say to any business owner, embrace this sooner rather than later because if you don’t use it [ generative AI], it’s going to use you and use you right out of business.” (02:35)

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