After the Pivot by Velma Trayham (Book Review)

Life’s journey is often filled with unexpected twists and turns, challenging us to navigate through uncharted territories and make critical decisions that redefine our paths. In the inspiring book After the Pivot: Real Advice on How to Survive a Business Pivot and Make Money, Velma Trayham shares her own struggles with homelessness and adversity, ultimately rising to become a successful entrepreneur and motivational figure. Check out this book and pivot towards new possibilities in life!

Who is Velma Trayham?

Velma Trayham is an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker known for her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and achieving success. She is the founder and CEO of ThinkZILLA, a Program Management and Advisory Firm with locations in Arizona, Georgia, and Texas, and they serve clients in various industries.

Velma’s life and career have been marked by remarkable resilience and determination. She experienced homelessness and faced numerous challenges before rising to become a successful entrepreneur and sought-after speaker. Velma’s personal transformation and business accomplishments have made her a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to overcome life obstacles.

In her book After the Pivot, Velma shares her powerful story of personal growth, resilience, and entrepreneurial success. Through her writing, she aims to inspire readers to embrace change, turn challenges into opportunities, and pivot toward a brighter and more fulfilling future.

What makes “After the Pivot” so inspiring?

After the Pivot by Velma Trayham is a tool that provides enlightening advice for entrepreneurs thinking about a business pivot. It also tackles the potential advantages of a business pivot and when and why it should be considered. This book offers valuable guidance, ensuring readers are well-informed to make wise decisions. That’s because of Velma’s breadth of knowledge and captivating writing style.

With Velma’s clear explanations of complex ideas, she makes the book understandable to business owners of all levels of expertise. The book acts as a thorough guide, offering insightful advice to help you maneuver the process, whether you are unfamiliar with the idea of pivoting or have previously thought about it.

The need to be well-prepared before making a pivot is one main point addressed in After the Pivot. Velma emphasizes obtaining enough data and conducting a thorough investigation for a smooth transition. Through this book, entrepreneurs are given the knowledge and resources they need to successfully traverse the pivot process.

Furthermore, maintaining the support and loyalty of your current client base is crucial during the process of pivoting. The book offers helpful advice on how business owners can avoid alienating their target market throughout the change. Velma gives practical tips on communication, branding, and customer involvement for a seamless transition and to preserve solid ties with current clients. Entrepreneurs can skillfully navigate a pivot while retaining the trust and loyalty of their target market by following the guidance provided in the book.

The wisdom of Velma Trayham is evident in After the Pivot. The author, a successful businesswoman, offers practical advice based on her experiences and business knowledge. Throughout the book, readers can see Velma’s sincere desire to promote budding entrepreneurs, which inspires trust and fosters a community among them.

Final Thoughts

After the Pivot is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs considering a business pivot. Velma Trayham’s expertise and engaging writing style make the book informative and enjoyable. The book provides practical advice and strategies, ensuring readers are well-equipped to make informed business decisions. Velma delivers a comprehensive guide to successful pivoting by emphasizing the importance of preparation and offering guidance. Indeed, After the Pivot is a must-read that will empower and inspire you to take strategic steps toward business growth and success.  

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