Building a Boundary-Breaking Business with Dominnique Karetsos, The Healthy Pleasure Group

Building a Boundary-Breaking Business with Dominnique Karetsos, The Healthy Pleasure Group

May 4, 2022

Breaking boundaries in business takes more than just hard work. It takes courage, support systems, and a lot of resilience. Dominnique Karetsos, CEO of the Healthy Pleasure Group, is driven by her life mission to shape the future of the sexual health and technology industry. This journey has required her to break many boundaries along the way, and in this episode, she talks about the tools that have allowed her to do so successfully. 

About Dominnique Karetsos:

Dominnique’s entrepreneurial journey started when she was 13, selling alcohol-free perfume balms. Since then, she has worked in over 30 markets globally, helping start-ups and market leaders improve and increase their sales, marketing, and distribution channels. Today, she is CEO of the only ecosystem dedicated to sexual health and technology!

Episode highlights:

  • In order to make a meaningful impact (while also making a profit), listening to your consumers should be a foundational value of your company (11:51)
  • Because of the high level of competition, being scrappy and thinking outside the box are essential for building brand loyalty. Just trying to own a community is not enough. (22:54)
  • It’s impossible to break boundaries on your own. You will have a higher chance of success if you surround yourself with people with whom you share a mission. (30:24)
  • Having compassion as an entrepreneur will allow you to better connect with your partners, your employees, and your customers. This will allow you to better handle the challenges that are faced on your journey. (34:05)
  • Finding joy in the entrepreneurial journey, rather than being fixated on the outcome, will make it easier to deal with inevitable hard times. (36:12)
  • There is always room to learn and grow. Being able to engage in a process of continuous learning is what Dominnique considers a success.(40:08)
Dominnique’s best advice for entrepreneurs:
“Surround yourself with the people that are going to share the vision with you.” (34:46) It takes a team to build a business and change the world!

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