Creating An 8-figure Business In The Renewable Energy Industry with Marek Zmyslowski, Sunroof.se

Creating An 8-figure Business In The Renewable Energy Industry with Marek Zmyslowski, Sunroof.se

April 8, 2021

An accomplished entrepreneur and best-selling author, Marek Zmyslowski, returns to share his passion for renewable energy. Listen to him talk about solar energy, online business, and his goal of leaving the world in slightly better shape than it was when he arrived. 

About Marek Zmyslowski

Marek Zmyslowski is an entrepreneur who specializes in online businesses and renewable energy. Marek is also a best-selling author and widely known as an African businessperson whose goal is to make the world a better place to live in than when you arrived.

Episode highlights:

  • Marek Zmyslowski reckons that one of the key tenets of success in business is commitment. You can build something significantly big if you stick to something for at least 5 to 10 years. It takes time to build a good team that aligns with the interests and goals of your business, and gain experience in a certain field.  [07:31]
  • The comfort zone is the challenge a successful entrepreneur should overcome. While you are in your comfort zone, you are losing every business muscle that helped you achieve success previously. The complex system of tools and skills you have worked out on your path in your business journey will start degrading at some point and you might lose your growth opportunities. [17:20]
  • One of the most valuable skills is a solution-oriented mindset. Use it to dig into the understanding of business growth, the grasp of building a brand, the skill to scale the business faster, and everything that might make your business stand out among the others. [21:49]
  • Marek sees an ecological lifestyle as something that doesn’t clash with a luxury lifestyle. A compromise between luxury, comfort, and emotions is his direction in the solar business.  [39:21]
  • Marek claims that it is important to find the balance between what you are lacking and what you are good at. In order to cooperate with people better than you, you have to achieve a certain level of maturity.  [47:01]
  • Creativity comes from the constraints you put around. As an entrepreneur, you need the constraints when you play in the same sandbox for so long and you lose the ability to grow. The sandbox becomes an endless desert when there are no walls [50:03]

Marek Zmyslowski’s best advice for entrepreneurs

“It’s better to be a king of a village than a minister in Rome.”

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