Creating An 8-figure Business In The Renewable Energy Industry with Marek Zmyslowski, Sunroof.se

April 8, 2021

Accomplished entrepreneur and best-selling author, Marek Zmyslowski, returns to share his passion for renewable energy. Listen to Zmyslowski chat with A.J. and the team over solar energy, online business and his goal of leaving the world in slightly better shape than it was when he arrived. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Zmyslowski’s experiences during Covid-19- 1:27
  • Zmyslowski shares his 10-year project: renewable energy – 2:21
  • The importance of building significant impact – 7:30
  • Certain levels of attention cause businesses to come to you – 10:49
  • Why Zmyslowski chose solar energy – 11:36
  • How solar energy is manufactured now – 15:38
  • Don’t fall into the trap of comfort – 17:02
  • Understanding and scaling the solar energy industry – 21:36
  • “Solar is like Apple and Microsoft” – 24:10
  • Countries where solar is growing – 30:33
  • How Zmyslowski is partnering with electric cars – 36:20
  • An explanation of active houses – 42:18
  • “Focus on your weaknesses to become a more versatile manager or entrepreneur.” – 47:31
  • “Double down on your strengths and hire people which are filling your holes.” – 47:31
  • “You need the discipline to really feel free.” – 50:00
  • Productivity within your business and personal life – 51:31
  • The borderline between business and personal life -53:19
  • Podcasts Zmyslowski listens to for relaxation – 1:00:16
  • Zmyslowski’s favorite country to do business in – 1:05:10


Key Takeaways: 

  • Sticking to the same plan is important to make an impact
  • Don’t get caught in the trap of comfort
  • Solar is still limited by the government
  • Align your time instead of trying to balance business and compromises


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