Everything Is A Learning Opportunity with Martyna Lewinska, Fiat Republic

Everything Is A Learning Opportunity with Martyna Lewinska, Fiat Republic

December 7, 2022

As Martyna Lewinksa explains in this episode, everything is a learning opportunity! And to be the best entrepreneur you can be, don’t ever stop learning. This episode is a lesson in the value of having an open mind, being honest and transparent, and asking for feedback! 

About Martyna Lewinska:

Martyna Lewinska is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Fiat Republic. She has over eight years of experience in technical and leadership roles across multiple industries, and most recently, she served as the Head of Platform Engineering at OpenPayd (payments), Ex-Habito (mortgages), GE Digital, and ABB.

Episode highlights:

  • Being authentic and transparent with potential hires is a much better approach than pretending that everything is perfect. Honesty creates trust, and mutual trust is one of the foundations of a solid team. (15:30)
  • Never stop learning! Every situation you face and every person you meet offers an opportunity for learning if you are open to it. (19:49)
  • Failures are inevitable along your journey as an entrepreneur. Rather than trying to avoid them, accept the fact that you will make mistakes and be open to learning from them. (20:33)
  • You won’t know if you’re good at something until you try, so just go for it! (21:40)
  • If you want to continuously improve as an entrepreneur, always ask for feedback from the people around you who you trust. That way, you can learn what areas you need to focus on and improve. (22:50)

Martyna’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“We’re constantly evolving so I need to keep learning all the time. I learn from every situation, every problem that I face, every conversation that I have. For me, everything is a learning opportunity.” (16:59) 

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