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Experience Entrepreneurial Growth Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Dru Riley, Trends.vc

October 5, 2022

As with most things in life, the best way to experience entrepreneurial growth is outside of your comfort zone! In this episode, Dru Riley shares what life as an entrepreneur can look like when you are willing to take risks.

About Dru Riley:

Dru has been involved in more than 100 different projects throughout his time as an entrepreneur! Trends.vc, his newsletter with over 35000 subscribers, is his most successful venture to date. His lifelong goal is to engage in one million “comfort challenges” in which he extends himself way beyond his comfort zone.

Episode highlights:

  • Sometimes when we get too close to something, we can’t see how to fix it. One of the benefits of attending Mastermind groups or joining entrepreneur communities is that listening to other people’s experiences can help you gain a broader perspective on your own struggles and therefore figure out how to solve them. (04:47)
  • Don’t be afraid to overcommunicate. Even if some people find it tiring, rather express yourself in multiple ways to ensure you have been understood than risk the opposite. (14:04)
  • Don’t ignore your health. Entrepreneurs tend to put their needs second when building a business, but your well-being should be non-negotiable. (18:07)
  • If you’re too comfortable, you’re doing something wrong! Growth happens outside of our comfort zones. Set “comfort challenges” to stretch yourself, and you’ll soon see the benefits. (25:38)
  • Setting goals is one of the most effective ways to stay on track as an entrepreneur. Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals and regularly reflect on them so that you can continuously improve. (29:38)

Dru’s best advice for entrepreneurs: 

“When you change your environment on a regular basis, you end up changing your thinking.” (29:56) 

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