How to Delegate Work and Hire Effectively with Nathan Hirsch

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April 20, 2021

Nathan Hirsch returns to Beyond 8 Figures to share the importance of hiring in your business. Hirsch, known for helping busy online entrepreneurs get more done by working for less, catches up with A.J. since his last appearance on the show. Listen to Hirsch share his experience on how to delegate work and hire the right people, scale businesses, and talk about his newest business venture, Outsource School.

On today’s podcast:

  • Catching up with Hirsh since selling FreeUp.Net and starting Outsource School – 3:13
  • How Outsource School became a business – 5:30
  • Hirsch’s hiring and onboarding process- 10:00
  • Different onboarding tactics and formulas depend on the business and industry – 14:01
  • The process software and Simply SOP – 16:08
  • What Hirsch is looking at in companies to invest in – 18:28
  • When should someone start thinking about adding Hirsch’s business plans and services within their business – 22:50
  • The value of affiliate marketing and getting in front of people’s audiences- 26:32
  • Being a short-term thinking entrepreneur – 28:15
  • How Hirsch handles projects and his working style – 30:32
  • How Hirsch view success – 33:06
  • “I only want to run businesses that don’t rely 100% on me.” 37:00
  • “The key to business is hiring.” – 38:45


Key Takeaways: 

  • Having systemized hiring and onboarding processes should be used in every type of business
  • What separates a lot of great businesses from not so great businesses is a good hire and maintaining talent 
  • Turnover crushes businesses

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