How to Delegate Work and Hire Effectively with Nathan Hirsch, Outsource School

How to Delegate Work and Hire Effectively with Nathan Hirsch, Outsource School

April 20, 2021

The importance of learning how to hire the right people and how to delegate work cannot be underestimated. It helps your business thrive and sustain a robust company culture. Nathan Hirsch is back to the show to talk about the stages of hiring effectively and shares his expanded knowledge on how to delegate work in the easiest way.

About Nathan Hirsch:

Nathan’s mission is to help busy online entrepreneurs to build more while working less. He sold his previous company, Free Up, and used his experience together with all his knowledge of delegation, to help others hire the right people for the job.

Episode highlights:

  • Nathan Hirsch believes that devising the strategy of hiring is a great way to save time on taking on people. If you break this process into stages and manage them properly you will be able to go through all the stages in the fastest way. [09:03]
  • Another good strategy to drive your business forward is to elaborate the tools to build communication within the chain of your business in the simplest but clear way. [13:43]
  • Nathan states that not only does good hiring contribute to the professionalism of the team but it helps you opt for people you can count on. Trust is another core component in building a team since people you cannot trust can literally crash the business. [22:10]
  • Although many people focus on their future goals, Nathan believes that it can be more helpful to take it one day at a time. [27:20]
  • Nathan sees success as the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want without being controlled. He also highly values the ability to help others and contribute to improving their businesses and lives. [32:10]

Nathan’s advice for entrepreneurs:

“Getting on top by yourself is not much fun. You should make sure that other people will get there with you. You should definitely take care of yourself first since it is difficult to help other people while you  are in debt.”

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