How To Have A Happy Life As An Entrepreneur with Will Moore, Moore Momentum

April 15, 2021

Will Moore, a serial entrepreneur, life coach, and happiness expert, returns to the show to talk about happiness and wellness. he brings his professional experience and passion to the table to help entrepreneurs succeed in the most important business they’ll ever run: their lives. Listen to Will share how to find and use core pillars, his upcoming wellness app and how to have a balanced, happy life.

About Will Moore

Will Moore is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, host, life coach, and happiness expert. Will started various businesses and after exiting one of them for 9 figures he continued his mission of helping entrepreneurs. This mission explains the philosophy of how to transform your life, change your habits and find the balance between the key sides of your life.

Episode highlights:

  • Will Moore claims that total transformation can be achieved through changing your habits. You need to ask yourself two questions: what habits do you need to become successful and what makes your life uncomfortable, and based on the answers gradually introduce those habits in your life.[04:59]
  • The best thing to do is to start small. People’s brains are designed in such a way that a large scope of goals and tasks will invariably make them overwhelmed and paralyzed. You need to start your path step by step, evaluating what is your weakest point and where you want to go. [09:09]
  • Your company’s growth significantly depends on what your employees feel. You need to understand that if you want to get most of your employees you have to make them happy and give them the opportunity to show themselves.  [21:43]
  • Will is convinced that to a great extent success is a combination of what you love, what you are really good at, and surely what actions you undertake to achieve your goals.  [27:15]
  • People can change their behavior by tricking their brains. To do so you can use various apps and technological achievements in order to make the transformation more fun and captivating. [37:18]

Will Moore’s advice for entrepreneurs:

“If you start very slowly, proactively scheduling the universal truths (5 cores) into your life you will become full and successful. They are interwoven and if you balance them you might see the opportunities they contain. These 5 cores are like the code of a machine – in order to launch it all the parts should be involved. Therefore, in order to take off, you have to constantly add fuel to all the 5 cores and keep them all engaged.”

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