Rebecca Costa, Dazai Advertising Inc.

Rebecca Costa, Dazai Advertising Inc.

November 6, 2019

Rebecca Costa, the innovative founder of Dazai Advertising Inc. joins Beyond 8 Figures and shares her entrepreneurial journey. Join us as we examine her distinctive approach to advertising and her insights to growing a business.

About Rebecca Costa: 

World renowned sociobiologist and futurist and founder of Dazai Advertising Inc., Rebecca Costa, shows how artificial intelligence-powered predictive models can predict future events with unprecedented accuracy, paving the way for leaders to act before-the-fact. Using real world examples, she demonstrates how the certainty of future outcomes is changing the way businesses and governments solve problems and preempt danger. Costa’s work has been heralded by Richard Branson, John Sculley, E.O Wilson, Jim Lehrer, George Mitchell, Alan Dershowitz and Nobel laureates such as James Watson. The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, and San Francisco Chronicle has also featured her work.

What is perceived differentiator?

A brand’s perceived differentiator is a feature, or characteristic that the target market believe differentiates it from competitors. The unique selling proposition (USP) or distinctive element is what gives a product a sense of value and distinction.

Products’ features, quality, design, customer service, brand reputation, affordability, convenience, innovation, sustainability, or any other attribute that makes a company or product stand out in consumers’ minds can all be considered perceived differentiators.

Why invest in your brand as a perceived differentiator?

A business gains a variety of advantages by investing in perceived differentiator. Businesses acquire a market edge by developing and promoting a distinctive quality. They stand out from competitors, which makes it simpler to draw in and keep clients. This encourages customer advocacy and loyalty in turn.

Building a strong brand involves creating a positive and distinctive image in the minds of consumers. It encompasses various elements such as brand values, positioning, messaging, visual identity, customer experience, and reputation. When customers perceive your brand as unique, trustworthy, and providing exceptional value, it becomes a powerful differentiator. By investing in your brand as a perceived differentiator, you shape the narrative and perception surrounding your business.

It allows you to define your brand unique and successfully express it to your target audience. This contributes to the development of a positive brand reputation, generates buzz, and fosters a loyal customer base.

In conclusion, Rebecca Costa emphasizes the importance of investing in your brand as a perceived differentiator since it may provide a competitive advantage, build loyalty, command premium pricing, and pave the way for long-term success and growth.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Rebecca discuss: 

  • How to prepare for an exit 
  • Finding your focus as a company
  • Branding and diversifying
  • The future of technology


Key Takeaways: 

  • If you don’t fail big then maybe you haven’t aimed high enough 
  • Owning your own business will always require you to be there, no matter how many people you hire
  • Your brand is the most important differentiator
  • Look for what is obvious in human behavior, even if it seems trivial


Best Advice I Ever Received: If you don’t fail big then maybe you haven’t aimed high enough.

Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business: The most important advice is to differentiate! Differentiating yourself, your product and services, translates to commanding higher prices.


“The number one differentiator, is a perceived differentiator. That is the enduring differentiator that you can have. Perception is reality. So, the perceived differentiator that is worth investing in, is your brand.” — Rebecca Costa 


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