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April 1, 2021

Mitch Russo comes back to the show to tell how sharing everything you know with the world can come in handy in building and what marketing trends are worth watching right now. He shares his thoughts on business transformation and development.

About Mitch Russo
Mitch Russo is an entrepreneur with a background in business. He started his journey by creating a software company in his garage and selling it for 8 figures. He then worked directly with Tony Robbins and Chad Holmes having built a 25 million business together. Mitch’s philosophy is deeply rooted in building relationships with his clients and the idea that knowledge and experience should be shared with others.

Episode highlights

  • Mitch Russo shares why communication and feedback enable you to build proper rapport with your clients. Staying persistently involved in the clients’ lives is the gateway to successful cooperation and progress in your business. [10:06]
  • Since Covid-19 started, Mitch was looking for ways to help entrepreneurs overcome the new challenges. As a result, Mitch started working with speakers, and different companies to transform all the intellectual properties into online programs and recover revenue. [18:43] 
  • Relationships are everything.  [20:25] 
  • Mitch believes that “marketing is never a matter of why but a matter of what”. As an entrepreneur, you need to explore what works and what does not by experimenting and testing. That is the best way to find the techniques, approaches, and strategies to make your business thrive. [39:21]
  • Credibility is something you earn. You do not get it simply because you are surrounded by luxurious things. [43:30]

Mitch Russo’s best advice for entrepreneurs

“You start with the assessment, because the assessment is going to tell you a lot about who you are dealing with, and the assessment starts with always the same most successful question ever invented: what kind of CEO are you, what kind of analyst are you, what kind of specialist are you? People want to know about themselves.”

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