Steve Olsher, Liquor.com

Steve Olsher, Liquor.com

October 16, 2019

Today, we have a special guest, Steve Olsher, who will take us on a journey through the delicate balance between family and business and his exit with liquor.com. Join us as we explore the complexities, joys, and challenges of running a family business and discover why it isn’t always the right business for everyone.

About Steve Olsher:

Steve Olsher is the Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine, Creator of ClubPod (the largest podcast group on social media), NY Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, Original Founder of Liquor.com, and the host of the top-rated podcast Reinvention Radio.

Advantages of rebuilding and reinventing a brand

Rebuilding and reinventing a brand are a transformative process that demands careful planning, introspection, and strategic decision-making. However, when approached with thoughtfulness and creativity, it holds the potential to reignite your brand’s relevance, attract new audiences, and create a lasting impact in the market. It offers several advantages that can contribute to its long-term success.

Firstly, it enables businesses may stay relevant in an intensely competitive and changing market by reevaluating the brand’s positioning, messaging, and products. Brands can grow as long as they are flexible enough to accommodate changing consumer wants, preferences, and trends.

In addition, a successful brand rebuilding effort can provide a competitive edge by differentiating the brand from its competitors.

Reinventing a brand also offers a chance to address any negative feedback or outdated associations that can prevent its success. Businesses can create a more positive and favorable feedback among their target audience by updating the brand’s visual identity, messaging, and customer experience. This improved brand perception may result in greater consumer loyalty, credibility, and trust.

Finally, rebuilding a brand also enables businesses to reach out to new markets and increase their customer base. Businesses can better resonate with the target market segments by adjusting the brand’s positioning and messaging. This may create new growth opportunities and open up untapped markets.

It’s important to note that the advantages of rebuilding and reinventing a brand depends on specific goals, industry, and competitive landscape. However, when executed strategically, it can provide significant benefits that contribute to the long-term sustainability and success of the business.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, and Richard discuss:

  •         The History of Liquor.com
  •         The trials, tribulations and lessons learned in being the Founder of Liquor.com
  •         Family vs. Business – A family business is not always the right business
  •         Rebuilding and reinventing – what happens after ‘IT’ happens…

Key Takeaways:

  •         Always believe in who you are and your vision
  •         Desire is often more important than ability
  •         One bad chapter never tells the whole story
  •         Essentials for life — having clarity on what you want versus what you need


NEVER, EVER sign away your management rights. — Steve Olsher


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