$10+ Million in Annual Revenue – Rod Khleif, Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast

$10+ Million in Annual Revenue – Rod Khleif, Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast

February 20, 2020

In this episode, we our joined by Rod Khleif, Director of Lifetime Cash Flow Podcast, with Annual Revenue of $10M+. He will take you on a captivating journey through his life, from living on the compound to experiencing the devastating loss of $50 million during the 2008 financial crisis. Tune in as Rod opens up about his remarkable journey of setbacks and comebacks, sharing valuable insights on resilience, adaptability, and rebuilding after adversity.

About Rob Khleif:

Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about entrepreneurship and giving back. As one of the country’s top business, real estate, and peak performance luminaries, Rod has owned over 2,000 homes and apartment buildings, building over 22 businesses in his 40-year career, several of which have been worth tens of millions of dollars.

Soaring from humble beginnings as a young, impoverished Dutch immigrant to incredible success, Rod’s experience involves both remarkable triumphs and spectacular failures, which he affectionately calls “Seminars”. He explains the mindset required to recover from losing $50 million in the crash of 2008 to the success he enjoys today. Rod can speak to the psychology of success, mindset for taking action, and any business or real estate topic in great depth, contributing firsthand knowledge and skills to the discussion.

Rod also founded the Tiny Hands Foundation, which has benefited more than 75,000 community children in need.

In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Rod discuss:

  • His rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story
  • Living on the Compound
  • He lost everything in 2008 – $50 Million
  • Spectacular Failures: Seminars
  • Due diligence checklist for a multi-family unit

Best Advice I Ever Received:

From an old man in Denver that owned lots of free and clear apartments: To buy real estate and let other people pay if off. When free and clear it would equate to “buckets of money”


Best Advice I’d Give To Someone Who Wants To Build A $10m+ Business:

Create a business plan, do a SWOT analysis, learn everything you possibly could about that potential business and barriers to entry. Look for equity investors, execute on the plan and utilize the EOS system from the book Traction to run the business like a well-oiled machine.


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