Gain Traction Through Business Mistakes with Roman Beylin, DueDilio

Gain Traction Through Business Mistakes with Roman Beylin, DueDilio

August 10, 2022

Strategy, at its heart, is about choices. In this episode, Roman Beylin explains trying and failing is the quickest way to gain traction in your business. Rather than overanalyzing your ideas, put them out into the world, allow yourself the space for continuous iteration, and learn on the go!

About Roman Beylin:

Roman Beylin is the founder of DueDilio, an M&A digital marketplace, and the publisher of The Business Inquirer newsletter. The idea for DueDilio arose out of a desire to solve the pain points he experienced when buying and selling companies, and the newsletter is his creative outlet. 

Episode highlights:

  • Just go for it! Making mistakes is the quickest way to learn. Rather than overanalyzing your ideas, bring them to life, get feedback, and iterate as many times as you need to. (15:18)
  • Get comfortable sharing your ideas through newsletters and platforms like Twitter. This will help you to form valuable connections and get feedback on your ideas. It may be uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it the easier it gets. (21:42)
  • Creating a product without engaging with customers is a common first-time entrepreneur mistake. In the early stages of your business, focus on market-fit and customer sales first, and building and refinement of the product later. (22:17)
  • For Roman, success is all about lifestyle: being able to wake up and feel excited about what he’s going to be doing that day, and helping other people through that. (26:08)

Roman’s best advice for entrepreneurs:

“I think you have to fail a little bit in order to push forward.” (02:53) We learn our biggest lessons through the mistakes that we make.

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